Student Blogs

If you are considering enrolling on our 12 Week Certificate Course, you've probably already devoured every morsel of information on our website.  However, there's nothing quite like reading about the past experiences of the students who have already passed through our halls to get a real flavour of what it's like to study and live here for 3 months! Many of our Alumni captured their day-to-day experiences during the 12 Week course and continue to author fantastic food blogs.

Do You Have a Food Blog?

If you are a 12 Week Certificate student, past or present, with a great food blog please send us your details and we will add you to our blogroll!

Blogs in Italian:

Rosebush's Adventures - Rosie Mence - January 2017

Blogs in German:

FoolforFood - Claudia Schmidt April 2010

Alumni Blogs

Here are a list of active food blogs written by our alumni, not specifically related to the 12 Week Certificate course. A little more info on each

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