Summer Cookery Course - 5 Weeks

Modelled on our hugely popular 12 Week Certificate Course, this course is for those who may not have the time to attend our 12 Week Course but still want an immersive experience of learning to cook at Ballymaloe Cookery School.

This five week cookery course is designed to give you a really good grounding in cooking and baking. We will cover a wide range of  subjects, styles and techniques so you feel confident in the kitchen. The course will leave you with an extensive repertoire with everything from the traditional and classic to the current hottest trends.

Students will also get to spend time in the farm dairy, glasshouse, fermentory and bakery to explore all areas of the food industry and learn about the importance of seasonal and ethically produced food.

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During the 5 weeks you will learn a wide range of techniques and  recipes.  Below is a small selection of the exciting things you can expect to learn.


  • Everything about kitchen equipment and a good store cupboard
  • Make real butter, yogurt and cheese in our farm dairy
  • Make stocks and broths and a range of delicious soups
  • Learn to make an impressive range of breads
  • Creaming, mashing, roasting, stirfrying and caramelizing vegetables.
  • How to make the perfect shortcrust pastry for your quiche, tart or flan.
  • Hey pesto. How to make a delectable pesto, and a spontaneous homemade pasta.
  • Pies, pies, pies. both sweet and savory, meat and vegetarian.
  • How to identify and fillet fresh fish.
  • How to pickle, ferment and preserve
  • Learn to use herbs and spices to add magic to your cooking
  • How to make a great range of starters, salads, main courses with lots of vegetarian options
  • learn styles of cooking from all around the world
  • how to forage for wild foods in the hedgerows and seashore
  • How to make irresistible desserts, cookies and cakes
  • and lots lots more..

This is just a selection of the recipes and techniques you will learn over the 5 weeks at Ballymaloe Cookery School.


Every week will provide a selection of different activities, these will include

  • Fermentation - Kombucha, Sourkraut, Kefir
  • Cheese Making
  • Hedgerow Foraging
  • Organic Growing
  • Butchery
  • Wine Tasting
  • Sourdough Making
  • Seashore Foraging
  • Work at a Farmers Market
  • Help to Milk the Cows
  • Glasshouse Growing

Who Should Enrol

Who is the 5 Week Summer Cookery Course For?

People interested in food, it's preparation, sourcing and provenance.

Those truly wishing to be confident in the kitchen

Gap year students not yet decided on a career path but interested in the food they cook and eat

Those who will never have the time to do our 12 Week Certificate Course.

People seeking to have the confidence to cook for friends and family

Enjoy the Ballymaloe experience during the Irish Summer!


At Ballymaloe we fundamentally believe that everyone should be able to cook and have access to the highest quality ingredients for themselves and their family.  The techniques we teach give our students a foundation in how to respect and cook the finest ingredients.

While at Ballymaloe Cookery School you will not only learn how to make a great tart, roast the perfect chicken and filet a fish, but you will also learn how to cook a omlette, make butter and learn how to keep your own sourdough alive.