Peter Brady & Gillian Byrne

Rive Gauche Kilkenny

12 Week Certificate Course 2014

Peter Brady and Gillian Byrne completed the Ballymaloe 12 Week Certificate in January 2014 and have gone on to open their own restaurant, Rive Gauche in Kilkenny.  Rive Gauche has a French feel combined with an Irish passion for the finest artisan foods from land and sea, cooked with gentle respect for excellent ingredients.  Peter tells us a little about their journey:  

6 months prior to doing the course we decided we would do it. Our motivation and interest was to get trained up on good food and produce.  

Since finishing the course in April, we have opened Rive Gauche, which is located on the parade in Kilkenny with a terrace view of Kilkenny castle. We are a restaurant/bar with an emphasis on sharing food.

We have gone for a modern approach with our wine selection we have over 50 bottles of wine and we have gone for the same mark up on our cheapest as our most expensive, this adds to our customers experience as they have the opportunity to drink great wine for a very reasonable price.

Our training at Ballymaloe gave Gill and I the confidence to design a menu and the ability to source the right ingredients. We use only the best of ingredients sourced locally.  

On reflection from our experience at Ballymaloe, you really do leave with a fountain of knowledge.

Peter Brady & Gillian Byrne
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