Richard Corrigan

Richard Corrigan was a Guest Chef at ballymaloe Cookery School on Jul 14th 2008.

Richard Corrigan has opened numerous restaurants, gained a Michelin star, cooked for the queen,

appeared on television on countless occasions and recently toured America hosting a show there.

Richard’s culinary career spans several years in the Netherlands. He was head chef of Mulligan’s in Mayfair in London and his first Michelin star, awarded to him when he was head chef of Stephen Bull in Fulham in 1994, also in London. Richard went on to open Lindsay House in Soho, London, and won a Michelin star there in 1997. He then bought and refurbished BENTLEY’S in 2005, an oyster and seafood restaurant just off Piccadilly.  He went on to open CORRIGANS MAYFAIR in 2008.

Richard Corrigan
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Guest Chefs

We have been honoured to host some of the following guest chefs at Ballymaloe Cookery School over the years.